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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crack The Casino And Win Big!

Read the instructions below and learn how you can really
make money on the internet

All I ask is for a few minutes of your time for you to read carefully and understand how you
can make $1 Over & Over Again and Turn it Into $1000's a Day !

Making money with the Internet can be a very efficient way to earn money from home and there are many great opportunities for businesses and jobs, whether it's real estate investing, selling by classified ads, stock market investing, internet affiliate markeing, money making systems or something else.

Over the past few years, a variety of money making methods have been passed on through the internet and millions of people have been taking advantage of this incredible wave of knowledge which was enabled ordinary people just like you to make thousands and sometimes even millions online.

Why am I telling you this? The internet is wonderful tool which allows you to share new ideas and startegies that you and other people can exploit in order to be richer, successful and more powerful. In other words the internet lets people like me to put their knowledge to the benefit of a large audience.

Which gives you the opportunity to learn how to make large sums of money online, so don't let the opportunity slip you by because money making systems like the one I am about to explain may not work forever so seize the opportunity before it's too late!

The method that i have discoverd is the most efficient, quick and easy way for you to make money on the internet. But most and formost, it's 100% legal. Learn the 'Gaming Method' it's 100% effective and can increase your earnings by at least $200-$300 a day.

What's the method ?
Below I'm going to tell you how you can join in on this amazing discovery. But i do ask that you read all of the instructions carefully and that you practice the method so that you understand them properly before trying them for real.

And please don't worry as long as you follow the instructions correctly you will make money.

Who am I ?
I have been studying the gaming industry for several years and also helped to design and program casino software. Over the past two years myself and my customers have been using the techniques I have developed to make large sums of money easily from online casinos.

We have become the casinos worst nightmare and some casinos have even gone as far as changing their rules to try and cope with the techniques that we use.

Over the past few years thousands of people just like you are using these techniques to make money online, so why shouldn't you?

How is this possible ?

Nobody can see what you are doing on your side of the monitor.

Unlike real life casinos you can take as much time as you like analyzing and selecting your next bets.

You can bet very small stakes (real casinos have very high minimum bets, online you can bet as little as $1)

Getting Started
First you must download one of the tried and tested online casinos listed below. These are the casino's where my system works best and where my Money customers report the best profits. Therefore I seriously recommend this is where you use my system.

These casino's also allow you to play for free, which will allow you to test the effectiveness of my method. Remember, you should play on free play until you are confident in the system before playing for real money. It wont be long before you realized the potential earning you can generate from this system.

1 Select a casino from the list of highly recommended casinos below, and download their software for free:

2 Run the Set-Up File (100% virus free guaranteed). It takes only a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection, but is necessary step to play at and beat the online casino.

3 Choose between fun play and real play. Remember you wont be able to cash out the money that you win in fun mode, but i recommend that this is where you start so that you can learn the system and see how effective it is before playing for real.

If you are ready to play in real mode then I suggest you take full advantage of the casinos bonus offer and deposit $100.

If you are depositing at they will give you another %100 on it meaning that you will now have $200 to play with. That means you are $100 up and you haven't even placed a bet yet.

4 Enter your password and start to play in fun play or real money depending on what you choose. You'll then be able to try my Method. You will be amazed how fast you start to multiple the money you have just deposited.


I recommend that you start playing for fun before playing for real money in an online casino. You should know how to use the Method correctly before playing for real money. This way you will not risk any of your money whilst you learn how to play meaning you will get maximum returns when you start playing for real.

Recommended Casino's ?

Use the Method in one of the casino's listed below. They been tried and tested and have shown incredible results! Customers have been reporting massive profits in these casino's. This Method is also untraceable in these casino's.

What's the method ?
The system is a European roulette system. Of course, in any casino (online or land based) luck is a major factor in your success. But due to my mathematical knowledge and knowing how the casinos are programmed by following the system you will gain a winning edge over the casino, which you will see when you test the system. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Have a look at the simple instructions below. You do not need to be a roulette expert to use this system. It really is simple anyone can use it!

Follow these simple steps exactly and you will be making money in minutes:

1. Place a very small $1 bet on black.

2. If red comes up now place $2 bet on black. If black comes up congratulations you have won and you are now in profit and you now need to start the sequence again (go back to step1) and place a $1 best on the red this time.

3. If red comes up again place a $4 bet (double your last bet) on black again.

4. Repeat this until red comes up (doubling your bet each time you lose) and you will win the sequence and you will now have more money than you started with!

5. Once you reach $900-$1000 profit you should stop for that day or move onto another casino. Otherwise you might arouse sespicion at the online casino.

We suggest to keep 30% from your overall capital to play with one of the
slot machines in order to "open the door" for luck and win the jackpot so
you have another chance to win big money with minimum investment.

Important things to remember
If you bet on a color which comes up, you have won the sequence. Now you need to start again with a $1 bet on the opposite color.

If you bet on a color (red for example) and the other color comes up (black) you must double your bet on the color (red) until you win the sequence.

start with $1 bets only until you have made enough profit to increase the bets. I would recommend that you start the sequence with $5 bets so you wins are larger and you will reach your daily profit of $150 faster.

What's the method ?
NEVER use this system in a land-based casino, because if they catch you will be ejected from the premises and face a lifetime ban.
Never pass the $1000 profit threshold in one online casino. You could face banned or even blacklisted from online casinos. If you want to play more than sign-up to more than one of the compatible casinos on this page. This is great way to increase your winnings.
I realize that you may be confused by this, but don't worry, read through it few times it will become clear.

That really is how simple the system is!

If you haven't already downloaded the free casino software you can do so now by - Clicking Here!

Finally a word of advice to help you along the way

Try not to spend more than 15-20 minutes at each table. I don't know why, but after this amount of time, every table seems to get harder to play.
Avoid playing between 2-3PM. Again, I don't know why but always at this time Casinos seem harder to play.
Only ever bet what you can afford to lose. There is no point going bankrupt in a Casino! (It is gambling)
DO NOT GET GREEDY! That is the major downfall of most players. Set a target and stick to it. Once reached, walk away. A good target is around $900-$1000 a day.
Be disciplined and most important - Stick to your rules!

If you have followed my instructions to the letter, you should be earning money by now.

I am offering this knowledge so that you can try it yourself and see that it's revolutionary, but i cannot guarantee it, because the casinos are always trying to stop systems like these. However, if you follow each of the steps previously stated, you should be able to start earning money immediately.

Remember, if you don't win please contact me to let me know so we can take the casino off the list. I want all of my customers to win so it is important that we worked together to ensure this.

You are now ready to make some money!

Use the Method in one of the casino's listed below. They been tried and tested and have shown incredible results! Customers have been reporting massive profits in these casino's. The Genie Method is also untraceable in these casino's.

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